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At Personal Enduro we carry out courses Off-Road motorcycle, routes and trips of Enduro, Trail and Motocross personalized. They can be individual courses or small group courses, with or without Enduro motorcycle rental, suitable for any age and riding level.
So much If you want to get started in the Off Road world by trying a dirt bike for the first time, as if you are looking for an Enduro, Trail or Motocross course to improve your driving technique, enjoy your motorcycle more and get less tired on your Enduro or Trail routes or on Motocross circuits, at Personal Enduro we have what you are looking for.
Our Enduro, Trail and Motocross courses are suitable for any age and riding level, always working at the personal level of each assistant, Since nOur courses, routes and trips are always in Small groups -from 1 to 8 people per instructor-.
Furthermore, our activities cover the specialties of Enduro, Trail, Motocross, Trial, Rally-Raids Navigation, Dirt Track and MTB


About us?

Our instructors carry linked to the world of off-road motorcycles for more than 20 years, when they began to roll down their first paths.

In 2006 they began in the world of competition running the regional championships of Madrid and Castilla – La Mancha as well as the Spanish Championship of Enduro and Cross-Country specialties.

Fabio has several national titles and regional Enduro and Cross-Country, while Rodolfo The world of motorcycling journalism is linked (former Enduropro director, director of All Off Road Circuit and Motorcycle Tester).

Since 2012 , are dedicated to teaching Off-Road motorcycle courses (Enduro, Trail, Motocross and other specialties).

Where are we

We are located 40 minutes from Madrid capital. We can also travel to any point on the peninsula to teach our Off-Road motorcycle courses.

Since 2012, at Personal Enduro we have been carrying out personalized Off-Road motorcycle courses. They can be individual or group courses, suitable for any age and level of piloting.

About us

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